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Statement from Barbara Jacobson:

I’m a cross between Nancy Drew and Jessica Fletcher with the tenacity of Columbo. I don’t have a bird, or a Watson, but I do have an old black lab who claims to be an undercover operative but spends most of his time snoring in my office.

I have over 25 years investigative experience and try to do the most professional, effective job I can for each client. I’m very determined and don’t give up easily. I always want to try just one more thing, look under one more rock, interview one more witness. Paul Harvey used to say, “And that’s the rest of the story”. That’s what I strive to give my clients: the rest of the story; the whole story. All the cards on the table and turned over.

I strive to provide my clients with whatever information they need to make an informed decision in moving forward.

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My commitment is to plan and execute an investigation that is focused, cost-effective, and meets the need of each individual client. Every case is different and a strategy that worked in one case may not be the best plan in another. Clients want answers to all their questions and they want information and evidence that’s not always obtainable. When that happens, I want my clients to know that as an experienced investigator, I've done everything possible to help them, and that I’ve approached any obstacles from every angle.  That’s what I’d want from an investigator, and that’s what I want to give my clients: either all the answers or the knowledge that everything that could be done, was done.

Don’t assume your attorney is also an investigator.
Attorneys handle the legal aspects of your case, but rarely have time to do much, if any, investigative work. The client benefits most when an investigator and attorney collaborate on the case, much like a power team in a relay race. The investigator conducts a comprehensive investigation, gathers all the facts and evidence, “the ammunition”, passes it to the attorney, who then skillfully carries it across the finish line. I work with some sharp, aggressive attorneys, both in the civil and criminal arena, and I’ve seen some long shots cross the finish line with ease. 

I’m a Christian, and I’ve been a David up against a Goliath many a time. David didn't defeat Goliath because he believed in his abilities with a sling shot. He defeated Goliath because he believed in a God that could (and can) use anything or anybody to win. Even great enemies are no match for divine intervention.  

208-344-1144The truth is getting harder and harder to find, but it’s out there. I’d like to discuss your case with you, suggest options, and propose what I think would be the best investigative strategy. Please give me a call.