Barbara Jacobson Share

Professional Qualifications & Background

I have over 25 year’s investigative experience, both as an investigator for the government in California, and in my own agency here in Idaho. I conduct my investigations with integrity and will not do anything unethical or outside the parameters of the law. I’ve been the lead investigator on thousands of cases and have gained valuable experience in the planning and execution of effective investigations. Although my agency offers many other services, I specialize in divorce, infidelity, child custody, fraud/theft, locating missing persons, asset searches, and comprehensive background investigations, both personal and corporate. (See Areas of Expertise & Service for a more complete list.) I love a good challenge and “leave no stone unturned”.

California Department of Health and Welfare

  • Eligibility Examiner for the Department of Health and Welfare. Responsible for 120 families per month; established budgets and assessed special needs. Worked closely with Child Protective and Placement Services on cases involving child abuse and neglect.
  • Conducted welfare fraud investigations for the State of California

San Diego County District Attorney’s Office

  • Investigative Specialist both in the Family Support Division and Fraud Division
  • Intake, investigation, case development, and referral for prosecution on fraud cases
  • Intake and analysis on cases reported to the Consumer Protection Unit
  • Trained new employees in investigative techniques, interviewing skills, and case development
  • Revised new forms and procedures for the department to expedite the intake to referral process

208-344-1144 State of Idaho

  • 11 years in real estate banking
  • In 1996, hired to operate and manage new Boise office opened by Vec-Tel Investigations which also had its own forensic lab. Vec-Tel had 3 owners: all retired military intelligence; all trained professionals with incredible knowledge and skill in every area of investigative work. One owner, Dr. Kerry Patterson, also owned Mountain West Laboratories where he conducted autopsies and served both the public and private sector in the analysis of evidence.
  • In 1997, two of the owners of Vec-Tel returned to active duty and I left to open my own agency and join a bunch of attorneys in the beautifully remodeled “old crack houses” on River Street.

I learned more from this case than probably any other……

In 1997, I was the sole investigator on a case in which my client had been wrongly convicted and remained incarcerated. After an intense 9 month investigation, I uncovered the real perpetrator, confronted him, and eventually taped his confession. I learned more from that case than probably any other case I’ve worked on. Possessing the truth isn’t always enough and sometimes winning comes down to pure tenacity. Even after taping the perpetrator’s confession that included not only how he did it, but how he framed my client, it was still a battle. I searched for a fearless attorney to take my evidence to court and in the process learned something about attorneys. An attorney who offers no strategy for winning but gives all the reasons why you’re going to lose, is not the right attorney. Over and over I heard, “You’re not going to get the prosecution to give-up their conviction, no matter what evidence you find”. I’ve learned not to let others discourage me, and not give up trying until I can’t think of anything else to try. .

Thanks to Boise attorney, Chuck Peterson, we got our day in court and we got justice. Chuck did a most excellent job in questioning our expert witnesses and presenting evidence that clearly convicted the real perpetrator and exonerated our client. Those voices from the past were right, though. The prosecutor would not give up. He refused to validate our witnesses and evidence and continued to argue that they indicted the right man the first time. Suddenly the judge literally interrupted him, and asked him to sit down. (I held my breath.) Still looking at the prosecutor, the judge said, “This man has been in prison long enough for something he didn’t do. I have already made arrangements for his belongings to be transported from the prison and he will be released today.” It was surreal. Against all odds, the truth prevailed; the good guy won. It was one of those David and Goliath moments.

Whether a client needs information, or they need justice, people seeking the services of a private investigator need someone that is willing to get in their corner and do everything possible on their behalf. There are a few PIs out there like that; I’m one of them.